Welcome to my little culinary world.

There is a phrase: “we are what we eat” … an indisputable fact! But above all, I believe that we are what we think. And just as every dish has the essential ingredients to be excellent, so life has fundamental ingredients to be fulfilling and successful. Of course, everyone has the opportunity to prepare his own recipe, to his own taste.

Here is my recipe for a fulfilling and successful life:
PPassione Passion
EEntusiasmo Enthusiasm
RRispetto Respect
FForza   Force
EEnergia Energy
TTalento     Talent
TTranquillità      Tranquility
IIntelligenza       Intelligence
SSperanza   Hope
SSalute  Health
IIspirazione Inspiration
MMotivazione Motivation
OOttimismo  Optimism

To all this add some pinch of love and a dose of humor. Sprinkle with plenty of fresh air and consume every morning 🙂

* side effects – it may lead to addiction and to a significant increase in quality of life

My name is Nadia and I love cooking and experimenting with food since I was a child. I grew up with delicious dishes of traditional Bulgarian cuisine, prepared with natural ingredients, most of which domestic production. The love for food and new tastes has brought me to the most appropriate place to caress the senses – Divine Italy, where in recent years, every day I have the pleasure to enrich and develop my knowledge of products, new techniques and culinary delights.

Perfettissimo.net is my little corner to share recipes, ideas and curious information about food, traditions and the art of eating well. Homemade fresh food is not a luxury and could easily become a fun activity and lifestyle, even in our busy everyday life.

In addition to traditional recipes, the ideas for most dishes are based on my aspirations, personal experiences, momentary ideas and inspirations.