Homemade croutons for soups and salads

Homemade croutons

Homemade croutons for soups and salads are an easy to make recipe for baked croutons with bread, olive oil and aromatic herbs. The crispy bread cubes give flavour and texture to soups or salads. They are also perfect as a

Whole wheat seed bread

homemade whole wheat seed bread

The homemade whole wheat seed bread is a food with high nutritional value. Thanks to the seed mix, it has a nice and crunchy taste, it goes well with sweet and salty. The incomparable and tempting aroma of hot bread,

Mini croissants with marmalade

Homemade mini croissants with marmelade

A tried-and-tested recipe for hot, fluffy, soft and fragrant mini croissants with an irresistible taste. The homemade mini croissants with marmalade are the perfect breakfast with a cup of aromatic coffee, cappuccino or tea. Mini croissants with marmalade Print Recipe

Soda bread

Homemade soda bread

What could be better than a soft, tasty and aromatic freshly baked homemade bread? The recipe for soda bread is the perfect idea to have a warm and delicious bread at home. It is very simple and quick to make