Savoury cucumber cheesecake

Savoury cucumber cheesecake

Savoury cucumber cheesecake is an idea for an original and delicious appetizer. The cheesecake is without baking, with a cracker crust and a fresh cream of yoghurt, mascarpone and cucumbers. The recipe presents in a different way the fresh taste

Feta cheese muffins

Feta cheese muffin

Feta cheese muffins – a recipe for soft and tasty homemade savoury muffins. They are ideal for breakfast, appetizer or buffet menu. The muffins are very suitable for children. They are very good idea for menu for birthdays or other

Zucchini and couscous balls

Baked zucchini and couscous balls

Zucchini and couscous balls are very tasty and healthy. They are easy to make and are an excellent alternative to the classic meatballs. The baked veggie balls are very suitable for children. They perfectly go with different types of sauces

Bulgarian banitsa

Bulgarian banitsa

Banitsa is one of the most popular Bulgarian dishes. It is made with homemade or commercially made phyllo pastry sheets and various fillings. It is a typical breakfast or a part of the menu for several occasions. The classic banitsa

Puff pastry roll with minced meat and boiled eggs

Puff pastry mince roll with boiled eggs

Puff pastry roll with minced meat and boiled eggs is a recipe for a delicious appetizer with a rich flavour. It can be combined with fresh salad and served as a main course, as well. The proposal is also a

Spinach crepes

Spinach crepes green

The spinach crepes are a healthy food to consume in various ways. Ideal to be served as a breakfast for a good start of the day, as an appetizer or as a single dish. They are very tasty with both

Avocado appetizer

Avocado lemon garlic appetizer

Avocado, garlic, lemon and extra virgin olive oil are so-called superfoods, for their numerous health benefits. And when all of this is combined together and spread on the favourite toast, it gives a tasty, healthy and immunostimulatory combination. It is

Cheese balls

Cheese balls

The cheese balls are very quick and easy to prepare appetizer for presenting the favorite cheese in a more original way. They are an excellent idea for buffet menus, birthdays or other events. To all ingredients I also add a

Phyllo minced meat pie

Phyllo minced meat pie

This recipe for phyllo minced meat pie is an appetizing dish that can be served in several ways. It’s a great idea for a main course, which could be garnished with a fresh salad. It is also perfect as an